Company Overview

Telnes Broadband is a privately held Internet & Managed Network Services Provider focused on 100% customer satisfaction. Founded in 2003, Telnes designs, builds and manages private networks and provides Internet access to 1,000s of customers in 49 States. Services include: Internet Access, MPLS Networks, VPN networks, SSL-VPN Remote Access and Managed Networks Services. Services are exclu- sively sold through professional Telecom Partners. Customers choose Telnes for enhanced support, cost savings and technical solutions.

Provisioning Managers

Each installation is proactively managed and worked daily by a project manager. Having a dedicated project manager creates accountability, expedites installs and provides better service for customers and agents alike. 2-3 Week Avg. Installs.

Dedicated Engineers

Technology requires support. We provide customers with a team of professional network engineers to assist with any issue that may arise. This eliminates escala- tion queues and call centers that create frustrations. A dedicated engineer man- ages each case open to close. Live Support 24x7x365

Linkwatch Monitoring

Telnes wants to know about problems instantly and deliver rapid solutions. Our LinkWatch service monitors each data circuit 24/7 for up-time, latency, bandwidth utilization and packet delivery. If LinkWatch finds a problem, we automatically open a case and assign a dedicated engineer to resolve the issue.

Our Philosophy

Everything we do is built upon making the customers' experience better. We focus on providing our customers and partners with direct access to knowledgeable staff 24/7. Every business decision we make is centered around improving the experience of our customers and partners.

100% U.S. Based Dedicated Support 24/7